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Accreditation Alerts

The ACCSC Accreditation Alert provides notice regarding the final adoption and promulgation of revisions to the Standards of Accreditation, or in some cases provides interpretative guidance pertaining to the Commission's rules and standards.

Revisions to the Standards of Accreditation are made by the Commission as appropriate and required, and are announced via the ACCSC Accreditation Alert.

July 14, 2023 Accreditation Alert 

  • Message from the Chair of the Commission
  • Call for Nominations - Commissioners
  • Call for Nominations - Nominating Committee


July 1, 2023 Accreditation Alert 

Revisions to the Standards of Accreditation

Chapter 1 – Rules of Process and Procedure

  • Branch Realignment Process – Section IV (E)(5)(a)(xii)
  • Cessation of Approval – Section (IV) (E)(6)(f)(ii-iii)
  • Annual Report – Section V (B)(6)
  • Reporting – Section VII (I)(1)

Chapter 2 – Substantive Standards

  • Institutional Name – Section I (F)(2)
  • Externship Length – Section II (A)(7)(e)
  • Baccalaureate Degree Completion Program Requirements – Section II (C)(3)(e)
  • Student Safety Standards – Section VI, Statement of Purpose & (A)
  • Student Assessment – Section VII (A)(2)
  • Probation and Termination – Section VII (A)(3)
  • Student Achievement – Section VII (B)
  • Fee Increases – Appendix I
  • Guidelines for Employment Classification – Appendix VII
  • Advertising – Appendix IV
  • Catalog Checklist
  • Enrollment Agreement Checklist

The Commission has republished the Standards of Accreditation, now dated July 1, 2023 and replacing the previous version. The July 1, 2023 Standards of Accreditation is available for download.

June 8, 2023 Accreditation Alert

  • ACCSC's Recognition by the U.S. Department of Education