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Commission Actions

The Commission monitors schools throughout the period of accreditation to ensure continued compliance with accrediting standards and requirements.

The monitoring of ACCSC-accredited institutions forms the basis of Commission decisions and is conducted through analysis of applications for accreditation, self-evaluation reports, annual reports, substantive change applications and reports, financial reports, complaints, information from government agencies and other third parties, interim on-site evaluations, and other sources.

  • The Commission meets regularly to review the materials of each school on the agenda. It is concerned with the totality of each school, and views each school in accordance with all of the available information gathered through the accreditation process and other authoritative data contained in the school’s file.

  • The integrity, record, and ability of the school to meet its stated objectives and to meet the standards and criteria established by the Commission provide the foundations for the Commission’s judgment.

  • Strengths are considered along with deficiencies and weaknesses. Above all, the Commission seeks to ascertain to what degree the school meets its objectives in terms of the students and their achievement.