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Outstanding Graduate

This award recognizes an individual not only demonstrated outstanding scholastic achievement, but also has made a meaningful contribution to their profession and demonstrated perseverance to overcome adversity.

The Outstanding Graduate Award is presented to an individual who graduated from an ACCSC-accredited institution, is making outstanding contributions to his/her profession, and exemplifies what is possible through hard work, determination, and perseverance. The Outstanding Graduate Award is designed to recognize an individual who not only has demonstrated outstanding scholastic achievement, but an extraordinary commitment to his/her occupational field or community.

2023 Outstanding Graduate

Mark Akins
Remington College
Cleveland, Ohio

2022 Outstanding Graduate

Johnny Trevino
South Texas Vocational Technical Institute
San Antonio, Texas

2021 Outstanding Graduate

Blake Reed Evans
Summit Salon Academy
Tampa, Florida

2020 Outstanding Graduate

Zacharey Smith
Lincoln College of Technology
Denver, Colorado

2019 Outstanding Graduate

Chandler Dixon
West Coast Ultrasound Institute
Ontario, California

2018 Outstanding Graduate

Kerry Brodie
Institute of Culinary Education
New York, New York

2017 Outstanding Graduate

Tyler Andringa
Perry Technical Institute
Yakima, Washington

2016 Outstanding graduate

Brian Wertman
NASCAR Technical Institute
Mooresville, North Carolina

2015 Outstanding Graduate

Alyssa Linkamper
MotoRing Trade and Technical Institute
Seekonk, Massachusetts

2014 outstanding graduate

Racquel Garcia